Friday, March 19, 2010

No Progress

So no Lich King this week. Last night was worse than Wednesday even, so we ended up doing TOC. Regular. I was sick and feeling lazy/sneaky so I gave up my healing spot for Varimir's paladin alt. I guess it went alright, though only ret gear seemed to be dropping. He utterly despises his Aegis of Damnation and can't seem to replace it.

I was off negotiating terms of surrender and/or fruit snacks with a 4 year old when they finished. Got back to the room and apparently they had been waiting for me to start TOGC, with threat of -100 DKP for anyone not teabagging/jumping up and down on my avatar where Varimir had parked it in the instance. Well then. I had no idea, so hopefully they weren't waiting long.

Overwhelmed by Nerubians

TOGC was successful. Guild's first Heroic Val'kyr kill, so that was a plus. But realization dawned that first kill meant they hadn't spend the grueling hours working on heroic Anub'arak we had. Nightmares relived.. /shudder

Didn't take long...

Unprepared as we were, thankfully we only took a couple whacks at it and broke up to our 10 mans. I was so sick and tired by the end of it I only remember it vaguely. Illness does not good raiding make. Did have a nice chat with Domni, who I'm hoping does not think I am a crazy wow-stalker.

I will be patient and get my 4 set. I will be patient and get my 4 set.

Damnable Meteor Chaser's Raiment keeps taunting me. "Look! I'm ilvl 264 and you can buy me right now! No tokens! No waiting! No spirit!"

I will be patient.

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