Wednesday, March 24, 2010

After-patch Hangovers

Drunk with the power of the new ICC buff finally applying to my bubbles, the high of a smooth raid clearing up to Sindragosa with minimal mishaps, and the realization I had 5 emblems left to go, I scrounged up a 2am pug Ulduar and booked it straight to Threads of Fate to purchase the last 2 pieces of my 4 set.

Biggest regret thus far: 2 am pug raid on a work night. Not my brightest idea. But c’est la vie. It was quick, I was tired, and I get to test out how the additional shield buff measures up. But now that I am (semi-)rested, time to actually take a look at what I’ve invested in.

First reflection: If I didn’t look like a warlock already, boy do I now. Since I started looking for tier tokens, nary a one for priesties has dropped. So from orangy-red/purple/whatever, I downgrade to purple & green. If someone in this getup starts to cast a summon, would you expect to see a lightwell or a soulwell? (Not that I have lightwell BUT LOOK AT IT SERIOUSLY)


Okay, now that I’ve vented my vanity issues, time to look at what I’m actually giving up for 5% bigger bubbles.

The robe I was already wearing, so I’m swapping out Corp’rethar Ceremonial Crown, Stiffened Corpse Shoulderpads, and San’layn Ritualist Gloves. Not all ideal disc pieces, but I was spending DKP as holy until recently.

Only keeping sockets for the one +9, the rest spellpower gems gives me a net change of:

Spellpower: -45 ouch
Crit: -5 tolerable
Haste: -17 tolerable
Int: -46 double ouch
Spirit: -22 eh

Hm. Actually, that’s livable – assuming that tokens start dropping. I wasn’t ideally min/maxxed anyway, and once I get my freaking tokens I’ll be up 9 spellpower & 16 crit and only down 10 int (and 8 haste, but who cares). Plus I’ll return to the much more tolerable red/orangy set.

Oooh.. Bonus to look forward to: When we get to the point I can upgrade from hardmodes, I get the pretty white and blue version! Yay!! Oh and more stats. Yeah. To be honest, for pure disc min/max, there may better off-set singles, but I think(hope) the 4pc will hold up decently for shield spam + spot tank healing which I will be doing.

Yay. I was expecting more disappointment here. So! Works out well. Kinda sad I didn’t get to play with the penance reset set, but so it goes. So we’ll see how the bubbles perform and I’ll let you know if any buyer’s remorse kicks in.

*fingers crossed* Please no TOGC tonight PLEASE no TOGC. Let’s one shot Sindy and get to work on the Lich King again. I may hunt down anyone who makes habit of playing Wednesday dropout. Seriously. We raid 3 nights a week. That is extremely reasonable compared to other guilds. SHOW THE #^%@ UP.

Also, in utterly unrelated news, Paletress defeated Falric in’s Two Bosses Enter series, which clinches my decision on what my next costuming topic will be about. They’ve always been my favorites anyway. SO! Look forward to that when I get around to it, hopefully this weekend.

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  1. I've been sticking primarily to off set gear for my bubble vendor. I still get to look like a warlock. QQ.