Thursday, March 25, 2010

Astral Walker

So, we didn’t have enough to do progression. Still seething mad at folks who will show up, grab loot from the easy stuff, but then bail when it gets to actually working on content.


I am momentarily appeased and something less than murderous for now because at least we scrounged up enough to trounce Algalon. It was fun. Aside from somebody who came in with the key, nobody had done it on 25, some hadn’t even seen it on 10. We came, we learned, we stomped old content and got fancy titles. As well we should have, overgeared as we are.

Anyway, raid ended early so I made a fancy outfit to go with the fancy title. Astral Walker needs shiny things, flowing white dresses, and space and cosmos type backgrounds, so! BEHOLD! Ceralyn the Astral Walker!



  1. Grats! Soooo envious ;)

    That's a gorgeous outfit to go with the title, too :D