Friday, March 26, 2010

Showing Up: How hard is it?

I’m more than a little peeved at some of my guildies of late. I should actually say I’m peeved at guildies and several former guildies, since last night we only had enough tanks for one ten man group. This provided our GM with a leisurely evening of trimming the roster of anybody who hadn’t raided in the past couple weeks. But really, it’s ridiculous. For two weeks in a row, we’ve farmed out the easy content, and nobody shows for anything even remotely progression oriented. I’m desperately in need of some ideas.

I was ecstatic with how the raid went this Tuesday, especially considering it was patch day. Everything was updated and nobody was lagging, everything was amazing. We cleared everything except Sindragosa and the Lich King and called it a few minutes early. Two days of raiding left, that’s plenty of time to knock out the frost wyrm again and get back to work on the final battle, right?

Clearly very, very wrong. 30-40 people online Tuesday nights at 7 server. 20-24 on Wednesdays and Thursdays. This is absolutely ridiculous to me. God forbid anyone put in any effort towards anything that won’t drop heaps of treasure at the first sign of a stiff breeze. It’s not like they can even say they’re ‘tired of wiping for hours’ because really, we’ve only tried the one night, and even in that short time we managed to get better every time, ending up about halfway through phase two on our last and best attempt.

It’s exceedingly frustrating, and everyone who does show up agrees. We have a large core there every night, always at least 20, but while that’s enough to knock out anything pre-ICC, it’s killing our progression. We’ve bandied around a few possible ideas on how to fix this, but we haven’t come up with a concrete solution just yet.

The obvious fix is recruitment. Get enough people who show up on Wed/Thurs, and they get priority on Tues (a practice that’s already been established). The biggest problem here is that our server is terrible for recruiting. TERRIBLE. That was one of the reasons we transferred out in the first place, though it’s become clear that playing with friends outweighs the inconvenience of that. That’s also why recruiting inbound transfers may be problematic.

We also discussed possible ways to incentivize progression nights, but the idea of that is depressing. Why even play if you’re not excited by the idea of new content? What’s the purpose of showing up to the farm content if you’re not concerned with taking down anything new? That whole mindset completely eludes me.

Still, we discussed possibilities like randomizing which nights we run what, for example surprising Tuesday only raiders with TOGC and doing ICC on Wednesday, and then only announcing what we’re doing after the raid is formed. I’m in support of saving the raid ID for one week and dedicating that week to progression, though we’d be passing on a week’s worth of potential upgrades. We’re geared for Lich King, but it only hurts later progression. Someone else suggested handing out excessive amounts of DKP to people who show up on ‘off’ days that should be progression nights. As it stands now, there is some bonus DKP for nights when a raid can’t form or is forced to go to lower tier content, but the suggestion was to make it so Tuesday looters couldn’t win over a progression raider - the counter argument to that being DKP inflation going out of control.

So here is my call for help to anyone reading this: What methods have you seen used to fight raiding attendance issues? What worked? What didn’t?

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