Monday, April 26, 2010

On the Arrangement of Pixels: Rags to Riches

After a week of soaring highs and hair-tearing lows, I considered deeply the thought of blowing this off again. But on my journeys from store to store in the plane known as “IRL”, an idea occurred to me that I had to laugh at.

Financial difficulties being at the forefront of some of these frustrations, I thought I would do a quick and easy showing of bank alt sets.

Sidenote: Bank of America customers, take care to notify your bank of any changes in spending habits. Dining out three times at a newly discovered shopping center a mere ten minutes from home when normally we would drive 20+ minutes to the closest commercial area flags the account to lock the card for ‘unusual spending activity’ outside of our ‘normal spending area’ despite the ‘unusual’ spending area being of equal close proximity to both.

This means no debit use or withdrawals from an ATM, which is a most inconvenient discovery after already having eaten dinner and not yet paid for it. We tried calling but of course customer service is not very serviceable at that hour.

So in honor of our shifting fortunes, a few outfits for both the merchant and beggar. For those of fickle fortunes online, feel free to swap between the two as a marker for the tides of gold.

The Paragon of Prince and Pauper

We all have to start somewhere, and whether we begin our journey in Northshire Abbey, Mulgore, Azuremyst Isle, or the Eversong Wood, we find ourselves immediately burdened with stuff. From kobold to kodo, everything we meet (and kill) has the inclination to carry on their person an extra pair of pants. Why the jormungars do, I cannot venture to guess, but there they are all the same.

Friend or Food?Street Rat on the Corner
Red Linen Vest
Recruit’s Shirt
Archmage Bracelets
Heavy Linen Gloves
Bright Belt
Frayed Pants
Linen Boots




And what glorious pants one can find, and shoes and shirts and more! Sad to say that the majority of these circumstantial pants are not always under the heading of glorious. Many a figure like the one above can be heard joining the lament of Topper McNab and others like him. “can u giv 5g? plz i need gear” Such a pitiful sound truly pains the ears (or the eyes as it were).

But lo! There is hope! By selling the trash and the trifles to poor unwitting vendors, we can climb our way from the pit of our destitution! Careful investment, the study of a profession, and sometimes pure windfall can bring us out of the quicksand!

It's Business Time

Making a Deposit

Noble’s Monocle
Haliscan Jacket
Tuxedo Shirt
Diamond-tipped Cane
Gloves of Tormented Recollection
Haliscan Pantaloons
Dress Shoes




And thus the dashing bank alt is dressed for success, ready to take on the auction houses of the world! I will confess, I cheated a little, but sometimes you do what you must to get by.

Of course, by cheating I mean that I used items that are unlikely or impossible to obtain by level 1 characters and replaced the Noble’s with the Chief Architect’s Monocle since I had it lying around, but you can improvise at the local auction house once your prospects improve. Really, what else could I have meant??Back on the Streets

A word to the wise, however: have a care with your hard earned fortune and don’t spend it all at once!

A penny saved is a penny earned, so sitting at the auction house buying up all the fancy bits of clothing that catch your eye is a sure-fire way of ending up destitute on the streets again.

Repair bills and consumables don’t pay for themselves, so stock up before you go spending the rest! Or else you may end up begging your husband for flasks at raid time, and oh the eye rolling you must endure.

Trust me, I speak from experience.

And on that note, I may have stumbled upon a potential future topic: “Dress to Impress: Methods to Marry for Money”…

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