Saturday, April 24, 2010

Game Over!

So I finally beat the game. Saved the princess (or just Azeroth), won the day and saw the final epic cinematic as Arthas’ last breath as Lich King expired.

I could quit WoW and never be really hard pressed to go back (at least until Cataclysm). I probably won’t, because there are still things to do. There are 3 more difficulty settings to kill him on, and I’m psyched about that, but the real moment was that first epic ending scene I had been waiting for so long.

My guild and husband are still amazed at my ability to avoid all spoilers until that point. So as a courtesy to anyone else who has steadfastly avoided them and not yet seen the end of the game, there will be spoilers after the jump! To skip past, click here.

Spoiler free guarantee is now expired. I was so.. so.. SO excited to see the end of this. A weight is lifted and I don’t have to be so grouchy about downing him on 25, though the fact that we haven’t is definitely stupid.

The ending was amazing. Predictable, but amazing. Even without spoilers, I pretty much knew what was going to happen with Bolvar. With the event in Halls of Reflection saying “There must always be a Lich King” and the shouted conversation at the start of Icecrown Citadel showing that Bolvar had been brought from the dead and was still fighting the whole undead brainwash thing made it blatantly obvious. Was interested in seeing if they did anything particularly unexpected on the way, but they didn’t.

They did pretty much everything I expected to happen. But they did it perfectly. As much as I have griped about Arthas being a whiney little bitch who couldn’t handle the weight of his own decisions, there were tears in my eyes at the exchange between him and the spirit of his father. Especially poignant was the moment his eyes cleared and his father offered bittersweet comfort, “No king can rule forever.”

Tirion and Bolvar’s exchange was not as touching but definitely necessary, and I really liked the transformation of Bolvar, even in that short span it was clear he had really become the Lich King rather than just controlling the scourge. “Jailor of the damned” was a cute title too. Tirion is 100% badass, but I guess he doesn’t have that sentimental attachment for me.

I know I’m going to catch flak for this because I admit, he IS a jackass, but I really honestly like King Varian Wrynn. He has history, personality. Paladins who are awesome and holy for the sake of being awesome and holy and go around doing awesome holy things are awesome and holy. But Wrynn has history and scars and hatred and love all brought from them. For me, Wrynn is to Batman as Fordring is to Superman, and I have ALWAYS found Superman to be super-boring. I HAVE AMAZING POWERS and no personality. Awesome (/sarc).

Tirion Fordring IS significantly more personable than Superman, don’t get me wrong. And Wrynn is probably a little more fucked up than Batman. But I just don’t get that heart-string tug from Tirion.

On another note, the Alliance seriously needs another strong female leader. We lost our best one to the Forsaken. Okay okay so Sylvanas was never actually ‘ours’ to claim but can you blame me for trying? Seriously, Jaina can only be spread so far. You can read into that what you want, too.


Seriously seriously crazy week for me. No time for writing, hardly any time for thinking. Working on pixels but I only have my half-bits and I haven’t even logged in to WoW today. Vegitating hardcore for now and spending a little time with the munchkin. It’s a good thing.

Other than all of that, I am something akin to worn out but to a higher extreme. BUT THE EFFING KING IS DEAD SO ROCK ON!

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