Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Moving Forward

It feels like a lot of things are finally moving forward, and it’s definitely exciting. The guild is progressing, news for the expansion is progressing, and the stuck-in-a-rut feeling is abated for now.

Last night’s raid was great. We’re finally pushing a little bit of progress and working on a few hard modes. It’s fun and challenging and progression is where I really enjoy being. Not to mention, hard modes get people to show up.

Did I fail to post our Lich King kill? Sadly, no. Not at all. We’re totally cheating.

A dissatisfied healadin joined our ranks, carrying with him the heroic unlocks. I have very mixed feelings on this.

So it’s not technically cheating, but it definitely has a sense of ‘we didn’t earn this.’ It’s going to constantly bother me on some degree until we actually kill the Lich King.

But… (and there is quite a ‘but’ to it, now that' we’ve taken advantage of it) I have to admit I’m thoroughly enjoying the way we’re working the hard mode fights. This week, we took on some of the easiest ones. If we wiped a few too many times, we went back to normal without beating our heads on it too much because our ultimate goal is still the same: a full clear as fast as possible to get back to work on the Lich King.

We got Marrowgar after making some adjustments to bone spikes during bone storm. This was a good starter challenge without really slowing us down, stimulating enough to keep you on your toes a little instead of sleeping through the first wing. Deathwhisper we didn’t bother because people were looking for a quick easy weekly. Gunship is… still lootship on hard mode.

Heroic Saurfang was really great. My biggest fear of working hard modes was that we’d lose sight of the end game and ignore clearing to Lich King. We had some really good attempts at Saurfang. The biggest challenge to our guild/raid makeup was managing the new uber-beasts. We worked on it. We learned something. And then we moved on. After a reasonable amount of time on it, we switched back to normal, said “run it like it’s heroic” and carried on with our lives.

This attitude greatly increased my confidence in our likelihood of future Lich King encounters. After killing Heroic Rotface, it was getting late, so we breezed through the rest of plague and all of blood on normal, just to make sure we got it done. Tomorrow, pretty sure we can smoke the dragons (probably trying Heroic Valithria) and get back to THE MAIN EVENT! Woo!

Also something to look forward to today?

Class change announcements!!

What exciting things are due to be revealed for the upcoming Cataclysm expansion? I’ve heard some theories about heal/lesser heal making a come back. Personally I’m hoping for some inkling they’ll actually do something regarding that fruit of Tantalus that is Power Word: Barrier. Fingers crossed disc enthusiasts all!

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