Friday, April 2, 2010

Long Week

So it appears that recruiting has been working out. Yesterday the attendance was down, but we had a full raid + standby on Wednesday. I wasn’t even there yesterday due to family stuff and I expect a lot of folks are doing spring break/easterthings this week, so I’ll grant leeway.

New people took some learning on Sindragosa, and we didn’t get as far on Lich King as we did the first night we had made attempts, but at least the recruits seem to be solidly geared and fully competent if not fully experienced. Learning another guild’s strategies always has a learning curve, small or large.

As a bonus we got a heroic unlock in one of our recruits, so there was a smashing of the easy heroic modes. We hadn’t expected it so it was just a roflstomp through gunship and I think maybe something else, I forget (I was on standby so they could gauge the new healers). Next week we start to actually work on hardmode funtimes.

Hoping to fix my FPS issue that has been rearing its ugly head again. It had cleared up so nicely since 3.3.3, and then Wednesday it was back with a vengeance. /cry

Pro tip for superspeed in times of need – know when you’re about to have to move and prepare yourself. I have to point my screen at the wall while healing on Sindy so I could mash both mouse buttons down and run straight out after the icy grip. Turning the screen takes about 2 full seconds per frame, which just won’t cut it. Running straight through is also an option if needed. Luckily I don’t have the FPS issue on 10 man, so I can actually see and enjoy the fights there. Stupid computer. /kick

I managed to get home in time for the ‘official’ start time of our 10 man G2, but the schedules were wonky from the partial TOGC they did for half the night. Some people had logged by the time I got home so we didn’t have the balance we needed on at the same time yesterday, but we’re planning to get together tonight. We WILL get this 10 man going this week. I will SEE ARTHAS DEAD.

Or at least see attempts. I want to tear my hair out sometimes because it’s not a question of whether we’re capable, but a question of whether everyone is there and willing. It’s getting better, though, so he’s going down soon I predict, at the very least on 10. Especially with LOL10%. Here’s hoping heroic modes don’t distract too much on 25 so we can stomp his ass there too!

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